DocBook: Transform your lesson into a DocBook file

As part of the "Google Summer of Code" program a term DocBook transformation file was created by Alberto Sanz. Using this transformation file you can transform your eLML lesson into a valid DocBook 5.0 document. DocBook is a semantic markup language for technical documentation that is in widespread use.

The DocBook converter is still under development. Contact Alberto Sanz if you are using it and have some feedback.

Screenshoot of Visual - a WYSIWYG DocBook Editor Screenshoot of Visual - a WYSIWYG DocBook Editor

How to create a DocBook version of your lesson

  1. Open your eLML lesson or the "Introduction to Database Systems" lesson in oXygen or XMLSpy.
  2. Choose the file ../../../../core/presentation/docbook/elml.xsl as input XSLT file for the transformation.
  3. Once the transformation process is completed then a directory gitta/IntroToDBS/en/docbook is created.
  4. Open the new created file yourproject/yourlesson/en/docbook/docbook.xml in a XML or DocBook editor of your choice. In Oxygen you can enter the WYSIWYG-docbook-editor modus by changing from Text to Author view at the left bottom of the application window.

It is important to notice that DocBook documents do not describe what their contents look like, but rather the meaning of those contents. It is up to an external processing tool or application to decide what it should look like.

Therefore to open a DocBook document you can use either an XML editor or one of the commercial or open-source WYSIWYG-Editors. One of the WYSIWYG-Editors that we have tested its called Visual and it comes with the oXygen-xml-editor.

Want to see this eLML website as DocBook-Document? Download the docbook.xml file here!

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